Bottega Baci



NadiaOrganic jam, pasta sauce, and ketchup

Origin:Piedmont, Italy


Organic jams and sauces of Bottega Baci are prepared by the Nadia Grandma family in a small village of Piedmont province, a granary located at the foot of the Alps. Before the guidelines for certification of organic food by the EU were established, they were striving to prepare genuine products using traditional manufacturing methods with additives such as preservatives.
Jams and sauces are preserved using a secret “Craftsmanship” based on wisdom, experience, and recipe cultivated over many years by the grandmothers. True “Food preserved artistically” and represented without impairing the flavor and taste of vegetables and fruits, and colors of the earth. Since the products do not rely on coloring agents and preservatives, natural sweetness and ingredient colors are retained.
Luxury jams and sauces prepared using only fresh organic produce bathed in the sun and harvested during their natural harvesting period. A healthy and simple work of art, filled with lots of love from Nadia grandma.

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