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GalvaninaOrganic soft drink

Origin:Rimini (Emilia-Romagna region), Italy


GALVANINA was founded in 1901. Initially sold mineral water to a few local aristocrats from a small factory located near the source. The famous water from GALVANINA gradually established its reputation as a natural water that is healthy and helps digestion and spread across Italy with the full-fledged automation of the factory in 1928. In 1989, this water was exported to all continents from Africa to Asia and from Australia to the USA and is today established as a leading high-quality mineral water even across the globe. Official exports to Japan started from the summer of 2011.
The emblem of a sixteen-century aristocrat (Galvanina) of this region has been reproduced as the company logo. A large-scale excavation was carried during the development of the modern facilities in the sixties, numerous items such as works of art and ancient ruins of Roman times were discovered. These excavations proved that this fountain was a prominent place to collect water even in the Roman era, and the Italian government recognized that these discoveries were significant for the archaeological history. Today these excavated items are carefully preserved and exhibited in the Museum of Galvanina.

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