Bottega Baci




Torroni Baci 180 g

Torroni Baci is a traditional chocolate confectionery prepared manually in a small village of southern Italy using a method that has not changed over 120 years.Caramelized with top quality almonds and hazelnuts, and wrapped in bitter chocolate. An exquisite gem with the aroma of nuts and harmony of chocolates.
Content 180 g
Ingredients Sugar (sugar beet sugar, organic light brown sugar), cacao paste, cacao butter, flavor (vanilla), emulsifier (soy lecithin), almonds, and hazelnuts
Single item JAN 8013698000032
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Country of origin Italy
Brand name Borrillo
Special mention items Room temperature (Around 15 degrees or below)
Allergies of 8 items Milk
Best before date 270 days
Customer comments
・Cannot stop after eating once!

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